Terrible Maps II

I’m not finished with the terrible maps, nor are they finished with me. Rocks Fall set us up so Kris and I knew we could work together to finish something. After that, we started on Stone and Bone, the first of our Praxian adventures. Terrible map:

A very simple computer-drawn map of a river inside a shape that might be a valley.  There are notes on the map such as 'village' and 'Why is there room for a village HERE?'.  It is not a pretty map.
Terrible Map 3

Kris could not work out enough from this map to do the art, which makes it objectively a bad map, as well as a terrible map. So, she came back to ask for more1Sucker..

A side view of an area showing a ravine, cliffs, and a village.  The paper also has other drawings on.
Terrible Map 4

Terrible Map 4 has the old village, the watercourse, the canyons, and a bridge that looks like it has brewer’s droop. It is in fact two maps, because it has a top view and a side view. The wide view was the one that Kris needed. I THINK I did Terrible Map 3 before I did Terrible Map 4 (top view) but I’m not sure. The top view there looks practiced, but I know when I did number 3 that I’d done something like it before. This means there may actually be an Ur-drawing so terrible I threw it away. The page also has the sketch that ended up becoming the Grand Mace from Rocks Fall, and the bottom of a sketch that didn’t.

As an aside, I love this sketchbook. It’s a moleskine of a sort they don’t make any more, and I use it mostly for thumbnails. Sometimes, as here, the pictures escape and get bigger. Sometimes, like below, they stay in a tiny box.

This is an overview of a ravine, done in pencil.  It shows where a bridge used to be, and the positions of some buildings.
Terrible Map 5

This is a horrible map, the picture was taken under sodium lighting, and my phone camera is a fine match for the horribleness of the map. However, as is often the case, it let Kris know what I was thinking. Let’s move on.

A map that looks like an anatomical drawing.
Terrible Map 6

To be honest this one’s only terrible because it looks like a vas deferens. It’s got the village, the river, the ravine, some possible paths… it’s also terribly terribly rude, and you should not snigger. There’s another version of it too, which doesn’t look like it’s got a baculum2aka: os penis… no, OS. Bone. not…. oh, I give up..

A map with dark areas to indicate high ground, and pale areas left for a ravine.
Terrible Map 7

Terrible Map 7 looks less like Storm Bull is pleased to see Eiritha, and it’s not what we ended up with, but it’s got all the big details. So there you go, me, a professional artist, drawing scribbly maps out of enthusiasm. Kris did great things with them to make Stone and Bone look good.

Here’s one more, less of a map, and more a sketch I drew for mood. To be honest, it’s mostly a terrible map because it’s a landscape.

A pencil view of a ravine disappearing into hills
Terrible Map 8
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    aka: os penis… no, OS. Bone. not…. oh, I give up.

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