Terrible Maps

El Runeblogger said I should show off my terrible maps, so here are some of them. They are art briefs, in general. I cannot find the one that is the simple sharpie line with one X on it, and a picture of a house. It was a profile map, which had a couple of rises from where the house was to where the PCs were, or possibly the other way around. In either case, it was SHOWN the other way around because my webcam was playing silly buggers, and the sharpie had gone through the page.

Here, however, are a couple I did find.

A very simple sketch map of a four room dungeon with passageways that cross over lower passages, to allow defense.
Terrible Map 1

Terrible Map 1 was a briefing to Kris about what I thought the layout was of the Rocks Fall cave. Highlights include bits that have been rubbed out, my phone shadow, and general problems with low lighting levels. Still, it let her start thinking about what it was like so she could contribute, and it let me start writing out what it was like so I could improve it based on her questions and my ideas. That led to the next map, slightly less terrible:

A scribbly map of a four foom dungeon with passageways arranged so that defenders can shoot down on attackers.
Terrible Map 2

Note that Terrible Map 2 has more numbers, and now some of the rooms have shapes. It’s inked over a blue pencil drawing because my phone could not capture the blue pencil properly. That’ll teach me to use non-photographic blue, I guess1The problem was in fact my phone, but why spoil a good punchline for the truth?. Kris still had questions about the details of Room 7, and in fact a lot of other details too, but we had enough for her to create a map from, as long as it was taken in conjunction with my text description. How she made the awesomeness of Rocks Fall from this, I do not know.

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    The problem was in fact my phone, but why spoil a good punchline for the truth?


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