Sacred Earth, Sacred Water

Sacred Earth, Sacred Water – A setting and Praxian Campaign

Sacred Earth, Sacred Water is the long-awaited expanded Print on Demand book for the Beer With Teeth Praxian adventures.  It binds together four acclaimed scenarios into one campaign, and adds setting content, NPCs, encounters, and new art.

Meet the Straw Weaver clan of the mighty Bison Tribe. Learn their loves and their hatreds, and help them as strangers in Prax should help each other.  Thre is enough setting to create your own PCs from the clan, or to have your adventurers settle down for a season or longer with these brave warriors.

As well as the setting and the campaign, there are beasts of Prax.  The purse badger, the laughing hyaena spirit, and the twisted scorpionid will test adventurers just as much as the harsh landscape will.  An appendix of fully statted and very Praxian encounters is enough to give any gamemaster ideas which their players will love to hate.

The book contains horror elements relating to scorpion biology, and to be successful it is neessary to encounter the aftermath of slaughter.  Praxian religion digs into rituals of birth and death.  Gamemasters can easily adjust the presentation or presence of this material for their own and their group’s comfort levels, but in some cases, there may be no way to success that does not go through death.

Reviews and reactions:

“…in the common parlance of today, this book is “woke”. Gorgeously woke. Marvellously woke. It’s conscious of how a seemingly very binary culture (the Waha / Eiritha split) can be presented with room for greater diversity. It makes Praxian culture feel authentic and engaging, while giving space to deadly combat, magical peril, and several less conventional challenges. The care and attention given to the authors’ creations is very visible.”


“My god does this knock it out of the ball park! It’s utterly beautiful, the best portrayal of Prax I’ve ever seen. The artwork is stunning. The layout is excellent. It’s rich, evocative and instantly playable. I literally want to stop my current campaign and run this! The encounters alone are worth their weight in gold. The chaos art is on another level. Well done. Diana Probst, Erin McGuire, Kristi Herbert for text. Juha Heinänen, Lai Suk Yin, Rhys Passafiume and again Diana for art. I only have one regret and that was not buying the PDF when I got the hardback.”

Simon Bray

Sacred Earth, Sacred Water is a wonderful book. It is a crash course on Praxian culture and it immerses the players in a harsh way of life. The writing is good, and the art and layout are top-notch. The scenarios include original ideas throughout, and even if you don’t run them as written, there is a lot to use in them. Moreover, a lot of care has been put into making this both a useful and nice-looking book, and the authors’ effort to make the scenarios as flexible as possible is specially commendable.”

El Runeblogger

Austin Conrad/Akhelas (26 Jan 2024) Review: Sacred Earth, Sacred Water (opens in new tab)

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