The Gifts of Prax

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The Gifts of Prax – An adventure for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

The Shaman Erhehta wants vengeance after an attack that left him weakened and unable to defend his people, the Straw Weaver Bisons.  The adventurers are crucial to this, being sent to gather what he requires, and wrestle with the elements that make Prax what is it, for good or ill.

However, there are others who may wish to stop them; the attack on Erhehta was not what it seemed, and perhaps, after all, sane counsel can prevail.  Or perhaps, like a Storm Bull with his eyes set on Chaos, Erhehta cannot turn aside from his path.  The adventurers will have to make the decision of whether to help him in what may be an unjust and unwise attack, or whether to abandon their promises and do what might – or might not – be the right thing.

The adventure can last between 1 session and many, depending on how much detail the gamemaster wishes to include.  2 sessions of 3-4 hours is the most likely.  It is possible to complete the entire adventure without combat, but many combat options are presented for the gamemaster to add as they wish.  There are scaling notes to help adjust the difficulty for any group, from a small, new set of would-be warriors, to hardened adventurers.

The Gifts of Prax is written to fit well after Stone and Bone and its attack on Erhehta, but no knowledge of that adventure is required, and the adventures can be played in either order.

A full colour player handout of Erhehta’s needs is included, along with a free colouring page for children, Storm Bull cultists, and those who want to relax in down time.

Content warning: This book contains a realistic depiction of an undead creature which may be distressing to some.  It is in the Encounters Appendix, and does not form the main part of the plot.

Reviews and reactions:

This confidently crafted adventure is situated in Prax. It involves moral choices and a well-woven mission that brings the players into contact with a great mix of encounters. ‘Prax is a harsh land where the elements are unmixed’ – what a great line – I felt like I learned something after reading this adventure.

Jonathan W.

Reviews from R’lyeh (15 Feb 2021) Jonstown Jottings #38: The Gifts of Prax (opens in a new tab)

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