The Lifethief

The Lifethief – A scenario for Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha

The Shaman Maserelt, rival of the great Erhehta, attacked him recently just to get his attention. She has it now – and even Erhehta must admit that she was right. She has found something very dangerous indeed, and needs help.

The adventurers will have to travel to the most dangerous part of Prax, discover the root of the problem, and find a way to deal with it without their usual resources. If they manage it, perhaps nobody will even believe them, save Maserelt and Erhehta, two shamans more used to dealing with spirits than with the physical realm.

The adventure can last between 1 session and 2, depending on how much detail the gamemaster wishes to include.  It is possible to complete the entire adventure without combat, but many combat options are presented for the gamemaster to add as they wish, and it is likely that battle will happen.  There are scaling notes to help adjust the difficulty for any group, from a small, new set of would-be warriors, to hardened adventurers.

The Lifethief is written to fit well after Stone and Bone and The Gifts of Prax, but no knowledge of either adventure is required; all that is needed is for a shaman to hold a grudge.

Content warning: The aftermath of slaughter is central to the plot of this book, and must be encountered, even if it is not confronted.

Reviews and reactions:

“Am genuinely delighted in the development of these easy to run adventures set in Prax. Cudos to Beer with Teeth.. I give them 9.5 porters and half a stout in rating. If you are looking to play Runequest in and around Pavis and the area this is the perfect addition.”


Reviews from R’lyeh (20 Jun 2022) Jonstown Jottings #63: The Lifethief (opens in a new tab)

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