A Tale of Woodcraft

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A Tale of Woodcraft – An adventure for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

A Tale of Woodcraft is an adventure ready to drop into any Dragon Pass campaign where there is an elven forest.  A chance encounter on the road leads to the discovery of a spy’s dead drop, but an elven peace treaty could be jeopardised by where it is left, and the meeting of peace is right here, right now…

This evening-length adventure is designed to slot in to any campaign, for a change of pace while travelling, or as an unexpected opportunity to hunt down Lunars in the local area.  Best set shortly after Dragonrise, it is flexible enough to be used anywhere that the Lunars are no longer the dominant force.

Reviews and reactions

“As everything produced by Diana from Beer with Teeth this is a great adventure. A lot of work have been put in the story, the layout and the Art.

I recommend it for both new and veteran Runequest GM.”


Reviews from R’lyeh (19 Oct 2020) Jonstown Jottings #29: A Tale of Woodcraft (opens in a new tab)

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