Dregs of Clearwine

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The Dregs of Clearwine – A sourcebook for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

Set in the tribal city of the Colymar, The Dregs of Clearwine is a sourcebook for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, covering the mini slum that lies north of the Ram’s Head Inn. It features ten households, 25 fully explored NPCs with stats for RQG, and a host of minor characters. There are dozens of plot hooks and community events to help link characters to this area, and the people and even animals within. From potters to charcoal carriers, drunken ex-initiates to well fed butchers, the people who support Clearwine and the Earth Temple live, love, and die here. Some leave only to go to their vineyard work. Others vanish for months on end, and return with new scars.

Bespoke art brings life to the area. Included are 19 portraits, a roof map and complementing footprint map, and the ground floor map of a typical house. In addition, boxed text expands on the details of the inhabitants’ occupations.

Detailed households
• Mamma Vorlena, a noblewoman who prefers it here
• Turi the potter, and his family workshop
• Rangal and Ivarna, artists whose rooftop is used for smuggling
• Onjeem, once a scribe and enthusiast for the Seven Mothers, now a nothing
• Gatyr the Butcher and her wife, the social climbing Dara
• Dillamor’s Flop Nest, the cheap hangout for feathered riverfolk

… And the inhabitants of the great jars by the potters’ kiln, the very Dregs of Clearwine.

Bonus Content
The PoD book contains a demo adventure, written from hints and plot hooks in the main text.  The PDF version has this demo as a separate file, to help avoid spoilers.  Love, hatred, and a very special ghost appear in a complete 2-page scenario.

Reviews and reactions:

“How many times have your group been in a town or city and said something along the lines of ‘Can I go and look for xyz?’ or ‘Where can I find so and so?’. Then you are scrabling around for names of NPCs, locations and all of that good stuff. Well, Dregs of Clearwine can help you with this! This excellent source book is packed with information about the less desirable area of Clearwine. It contains all of the people, areas and events in a slum corner of the great fort! With plenty of scenario hooks and lots of color, I would say this is a must have to flesh out your visits to the town.

One of the best things about Glorantha, in my opinion, is the depth of detail and personal feel of the world. Dregs falls perfectly into this!

Buy it. Now. You will not be disapointed.

Oh! There are maps and great artwork too.

What are you waiting for? Buy it.”

Paul S.

“Beer With Teeth – thank you for this amazing slice of life in Clearwine! So often settings documents focus on military, trade, wealth, and the Important People of a town. Dregs of Clearwine reminds us that everyone is important. Adventures in the Dregs will be just as political, emotional, and tense as anything in the Imperial Court of Dara Happa. I want to see the rest of Clearwine – thanks for starting from the Bottom of the Jug!”

Tony D.

Reviews from R’lyeh (12 Dec 2020) Jonstown Jottings #33: The Dregs of Clearwine (opens in a new tab)

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