The Temple of Twins

The Temple of Twins – A scenario for Runequest Roleplaying in Glorantha

The Temple of Twins is a complete adventure for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, designed to last an evening.  It fits into any Praxian campaign, and is designed to stand alone, but can go well with Beer With Teeth’s other Praxian scenarios.  There is full advice for playing the adventures in different orders.

The adventure is designed to be highly challenging for warriors and outsiders to Prax, and much easier for women.  Eirithans in particular will find their skills called on, and Ernaldans will be useful.  Combat is much more likely if characters fail at walking Eiritha’s path, but can be avoided by wise or skillful women.

The Temple of Twins is written to fit well after Stone and BoneThe Gifts of Prax, and The Lifethief, but no knowledge of either adventure is required; all that is needed is for a shaman to hold a grudge.

Content warning: This scenario digs into birth and sacrificial death in a way that some players may find uncomfortable, as it follows the mythical decisions historically made in Prax.

Reviews and reactions:

“Another fantastic Praxian adventure from Beer with Teeth. An interesting format for the characters’ interaction with the temple combined with a genuinely Gloranthan feel and a Badger with a skill of 0% in Give a Damn. You won’t regret buying this one.”

Iain M.

“These are a fantastic series for introducing players to Prax, without having to delve into Pavis and the Big Rubble. Perfect introduction to the region, runequest and any adventure with a HoneyBadger is clearly 5 stars. The only question is why was this left out of original RQ!.. I think this needs to be extended to talking Honey Badgers now….”


Reviews from R’lyeh (9 Jan 2023) Jonstown Jottings #75: The Temple of Twins (opens in a new tab)

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