Vinga’s Ford

Cover of Vinga's Ford
Vinga’s Ford – An adventure for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

This evening-length adventure for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha is best played around the Apple Lane area, but contains notes on NPCs suitable for running it elsewhere in Dragon Pass.  It also contains a vampire, a Vingan, and a duck.  There are ghost trolls, spirit combat, and zombies.

Reviews and reactions:

“Diana Probst’s new scenario is set at a ford which the locals know to be haunted. It’s based around two combat encounters – an unpleasant surprise on the road, an investigative interlude where the adventurers try to work out what’s going on, and a big finale. Interesting NPC motivations, discussions of tactics, well-staged and scripted encounters and even some tribal and racial politics in the mix. She describes leaders of the Varmandi clan (potential informants in the second act), weaves Apple Lane inhabitants into the story in a naturalistic way, and introduces a vengeful duck. The scenario is written for newly created characters, with advice on scaling up the opposition for a higher-powered game. While it’s set in a definite location (where the Swan River separates the Hiording and Varmandi clans, just north of Apple Lane), it would be straightforward to transplant anywhere else – the scenario doesn’t depend on established landmarks or lore, and is highly portable. That said, the inhabitants of Apple Lane and Oakton have been woven into this short scenario charmingly and give it a lovely localised feeling – it’d be a shame to lose this. Strongly recommended, especially at this price.”

Nick B.

Reviews from R’lyeh (30 May 2020) Jonstown Jottings #18: Vinga’s Ford (opens in a new tab)

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