Terrible Maps III

Previous posts may have given the impression that I am the only member of Beer With Teeth who draws terrible maps for quick information, merely because of the number I showed. However, there are others among us who do the same. When we wrote the Dregs of Clearwine, we needed a map from early on. I present to you an Original Rajar:

A pencil map with some scribbled notes that are cut off by the angle of photography.
Terrible Rajar Map 1

Once more, this is a scribble that does the job. However, I am judging Rajar on his keyboard, and I do wish he’d used landscape mode, because I’d have liked to have been able to read the key. Still, I went ahead and made this uglier:

A pencil map which has had blue rectangles imposed over it for the positions of houses, and a pink rectangle for the edges of the map.
Terrible Rajar Map 2

This became the master map, so that we’d know what was touching what, and how big the houses were. We worked from this for a surprisingly long time. We scribbled on it a bit so we would know where the kiln was, but mostly, we were writing. Still, it was a brief to the artist, me. Below is the non-terrible map of the Dregs that I made from it. Potter’s Corner was the working name of the area and the book before we worked out what it should be called.

A top-down map of an area with flat, pale roofs and some tiled roofing. There is a tiny shanty in one corner.
Potter’s Corner

This level of effort in a map takes hours. Scribbling down what is where to show your players takes moments. Long Live Terrible Maps!


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