Rocks Fall

Cover of Rocks Fall
Rocks Fall – A slot-in scenario for Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

This short-to-evening-length scenario is designed to slot in to any Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign, as a one-shot fight for those times when a troll cave is absolutely required, or the pacing of the game calls for violence.  It can be set anywhere that rocks and trolls are found together, making it highly versatile.  The payoff is a powerful trollish artefact and possibly several enemies who would like to have it back and are unlikely to say please.

Maps, paper miniatures, and full stat blocks with troll tactics are included.  Trolls Fall, an expansion with the full motivations and high quality pictures of all trolls and trollkin is free with the original.  A battle map for VTTs, colourised by Dario Corallo, was added to celebrate our Electrum badge.

The Grand Mace was once property of the Zorak Zoran Hero Hurigg Blacktooth. (c) K. Herbert

Reviews and reactions:

“For me the beauty lies in just how scalable this scenario has been made. It is usable as a mook bash or, as I did the other night, a serious threat to a near rune level party. It is the ideal introduction to both the prevalence of magic in RQG and to the lethality of the system’s combat combat. This makes it a great training one shot for those inducting players from other systems. It has been written to slot easily into pretty much any setting where you can justify a narrow approach and some tunnels (I was using the Main Ruins in the Big Rubble). Even then the characters and justifications are strong enough to generate plot hooks if they survive; so valuable for an ongoing campaign. Finally the minis. They’re beautifully drawn and will see much re-use. A versatile little scenario.”

Rob D.

Reviews from R’lyeh (20 Jan 2020) Jonstown Jottings #7: Rocks Fall (opens in a new tab)

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