Violence; An Option

Today’s Very Runequest Moment:

Meeting a friend, Korol, after a battle, the players asked how he was. He replied, “I have just been rolled on by a High Llama. Laugh at me and I’ll smash your face.”

The Vingan laughed, and he rolled a critical on his called shot, doing 6+ points of damage to her head. Fortunately, one of the group was a White Lady, who did some serious healing followed by some serious glaring at him.

The Vingan then spent several weeks, and 20L, and a critical Jewellery Crafting roll, making a drinking horn that showed the event, and presented it to him. He criticalled Air for pride, and hit her in the face again.

She declared it to be worth it.

Then the group topped that for sheer Runequestiness. At Larnste’s Table, with Fazzur’s army closing in, they looked at the numbers, and decided it was sensible to leave. The Vingan who made the decision rolled Love Family to protect her crew, who were all her cousins, and failed Honour. To stay would be to run into the mincing knives of the Lunar forces. As they pointed out, “Half these people steal our horses.”

So naturally they stayed, because the Colymar were there, and they were not abandoning their Tribe. I’m so proud of them.

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