A Raft of Measures

Today’s Very RuneQuest Moment:

The PCs had worked out that the vampire they were seeking was under a palace on Ogre Island.

Those of you who just winced, take a moment to pick yourselves up.

It was Storm Season, and the best way to get there was by newtling raft. They went to scout, with the promise of a large number of well prepared Humakti if they could guarantee a good way in.

They got to within 100m of the island. Or, as I like to put it, within Rune Magic range. They managed to spot the wardings in the water. Then the two ogres who were close enough and had the spell cast Crack on the ropes that the newtlings were using to control the craft. They went through the warding, and tried to get the raft off where it was grounding, and a fumbled STR check meant one of the adventurers was trapped under the raft without having had time to take a breath of air. We found out about drowning rules! 8 points to the chest worth of drowning rules. In the immortal words of Toady One, “I think I made fish too hardcore.”

Then Divine Intervention happened. Win some, lose some.

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