So many things! So much excitement!

Varanis here. Your friendly neighbourhood archaeologist and co-conspirator. My two big projects as a BWT author have been Dregs and now Cups of Clearwine. I’m so pleased with these books. Cups went live at about 1am on Sunday morning for me, so it’s now been 36 hours (ish) and we’ve already hit 50 sales. As an academic, I don’t get paid for the things I write generally speaking, so this makes me super happy, even if I’m not doing it for the money.

Now that this is out, don’t worry. We have more on the go! Berra and I have been working on another Praxian adventure that got sidelined for some other projects. We are back at it now. Also, my life wouldn’t be complete if I weren’t dreaming up tons more and madly multi-tasking. I’m peering in the general direction of Esrolia now…

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