Ice Shinty, The Origins

Today’s Very Orlanthi Moment was a series of moments, which added up to the inevitable blood all over the snow:

The Varmandi PCs had organised a game of Ice Shinty with the Hiordings, as a friendly way of bringing the two clans together. (There is a reason that when the Lunars invade, they encourage this game.) The group’s Orlanthi, Farnan, was the captain, as a reward for having stepped in and married his brother’s intended in Earth Season. The referee was the bride’s father. All looked like it would go the right way.

One of the people who wanted to take on their ‘friends’ stepped up, said, “I should be in the team because I can do this,” and broke his club and Farnan’s ribs in a surprise attack. This was considered to be a fabulous way of getting onto the team.

At the shinty match, the Storm Bull took down the star (fast, violent) player on the other side, the Humakti decided that it was honourable to heal him, as the White Lady (also a Varmandi) had bandaged him up but was ‘keeping her magic for later injuries’. This got the star back onto the ice, alas.

Farnan, taking time off the ice because he was a) no good at shinty and b) able to leave with honour once he was bleeding, cast Flight on the puck. The referee gave that time to work before dismissing it. Unfortunately, everyone joined in, and the combined spells of Multimissile, Ignite, and Bludgeon on the puck and the sticks used to move it started a series of brawls on ice as people chased after multiple super-speed burning bits of wood.

The blood and screaming woke some ice demons, but as nobody was killed the referee decreed they should play on. We’re on again for another match next year.

Even worse, the Hiordings won the boasting AND the feasting.

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