RPG a DAY 8: Stream from Varanis’ perspective

There’s no way to keep up with Berra (true in game and out!), but I figured I’d add a wee note to day 8’s theme. Stream for me, as Varanis’ player, means the possibility of crocodiles. There was this one time when she had something of an encounter with an ancient crocodile goddess and ever since, running water includes a risk of crocodiles. There was a flash flood in Prax where a big one tried to eat our High Impala rider after Varanis fell into the water. There was another time when she fell into either the Creek or the Stream, I can’t remember which, and baby crocodiles seemed to emerge from where she swam. She’s been a bit careful about water now, with the exception of that other time where she deliberately tried to crocodile up some water that flowed into Lunar territory. Sadly, that one was protected and the baby crocs died quickly.

How does all this crocodile silliness matter in the context of role-playing? To me, it shows how things can pop up time and again, threaded throughout the grand plot, without necessarily being central to the plot. It also ties into something particularly Gloranthan – a world so full of divine beings that gods and goddesses, spirits, and other manifestations can be found in every stream, hill, and grave. I love it!

Also… sometimes we get poetry out of it.

Peacebringer’s pride, on sun-parched plains made

Swift sacrifice to ancient goddess, saliferous and sharp.

Rage of waters returned to Wakboth’s ruined waste.

For the life of me, I don’t remember who wrote this one. Me? Berra? The GM? http://journeyoftheheroes.wikidot.com/s02:session-26

Edit: oh hey! Wikis track edits. Turns out I was the one who wrote that bit. As Berra reminds me, the fun thing about having memory problems is that I get to rediscover my own stuff sometimes. The other fun thing is… damn. I forget.

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