RPG a Day 25: Welcome

The fan base of Glorantha is called The Tribe. There are maybe a thousand people who back in the day contributed to mailing lists, created fanzines, wrote to Greg Stafford with their ideas, and helped to create the world. It’s a huge, rich, powerful place, and they love it and they TELL YOU ABOUT IT.

It can be a bit overwhelming. But it’s because they love it so much and they want you to love it in the same way.

They’re wrong, though. You should love RPGs in the way that YOU love them, and if they tell you about what’s right, then remember, Your Glorantha Will Vary. If they get upset about that, because they think you’re wrong… well, they are right about their Glorantha, just not yours.

I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to update this post with links to the RQG starter set, so you can create your own Glorantha, if you never have before. It’s coming, it’s really exciting, and it’s a great way to start.

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