RPG a Day 24: Translate

Here, I’m going to drill down into the Translate spell, and why it matters in RQG.

Translate is a spell given by Lhankor Mhy, the Knowing God, the Lord of Knowledge. It’s a spell that allows you to translate from language to language, which says something impressive that is very indicative of how the Knowing God works – it says that you can translate language. That knowledge is immutable. That even without context, you can create understanding. Even if all you have is a single word, Translate works. It’s entirely possible that it works on many forms of code – ask your Gamemaster for further details. Untranslatable words are not translated, but the caster gets an idea of what they mean.

Lhankor Mhy is a quester after knowledge, but also a source of it, and when you write, you’re invoking him, and he knows everything that is written down. Everything.

I tend to extrapolate from rules to find the world beneath. This is one of those cases where a keystone spell allows me to justify what is obvious: Lhankor Mhy’s super-power is knowing things.

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