Mammoth Error

Beer With Teeth now been posting at least once a week for a year, and to mark this (and possibly the rest we’re about to take, I think I should tell you about mammoths.

Last week I wrote about how wonderful it is when players take up omens. This week… well, sometimes they lean into critical failures pretty hard as well, which is how one of the PCs mistook a rock for a mammoth, and why we’re now plagued by mammoth-kind. He knows there is only one of it, but he sees it everywhere, and he’s got Hate (Mammoths) on his sheet and he’s bought some pikes and is training with them for when the time comes. He’s pretty sure that sometimes it’s invisible.

Recently, he rolled a critical Scan, and saw something that looked a lot like a mammoth. Out of character he’s not quite sure what to think but he’s absolutely certain he doesn’t want me to explain that to him. In-character, he panicked, screamed, ran away, and ended up buried in scree with a softly creeping ‘mammoth’ behind him.

Meanwhile, one of the other players is also good about not metagaming, and is also puzzled by the critical result, but he’s gone the other way. He’s convinced that there are no mammoths and it’s all a false alarm. One way or another, someone may end up finding out how they were wrong, and why they were right all along.

I’m really looking forward to that happening.

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