How Sharper Than…

Today’s Very RuneQuest Moment:

Last IC year, the PCs brought Kallyr’s body back home from the Battle of the Queens, and Saronil – a Humakti Colymar – stood on the steps of the palace to forbid the Colymar from entering. He took on Korol Serpent-tongue, Chief of the Varmandi, and by luck or the strength of Humakt, triumphed. Korol warned Saronil never to try to cross Varmandi lands.

So, this season, they needed to negotiate passage through Varmandi lands to the Swan River, having accidentally offended the Hiordings so badly that they could not use that bank. Saronil sent in a friend to ask about crossing.

Korol instantly challenged Saronil on hearing the name. He welcomed his enemy, sang his own praises and Saronil’s, and then they fought.

It was over in the first strike rank, as it turns out a 3-point lightning bolt is a very good counter-argument to a Humakti’s sword magic. Young Humakti take note.

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