Cow Herding

Today’s massively Runequest experience is spoilery for the adventure in the Gamemaster Adventure Guide, but not in any way that matters because it’s not going to turn out this way no matter what:

The cattle stealers from the Gamemaster Adventure book encountered the adventurers, and told them to get away and leave the cattle. This sparked an epic sing-off, as they accused each other of cowardice and theft, in verse, responding to each other in a battle of rhyme and meter.

Things then went downhill when the Vingan decided to make rude gestures as they left and a javelin aimed for her rear end hit her bison instead. There are now several pending court cases, and the leader of the adventurer group has challenged the cattle thieves to an individual fight for each head of cattle. He has to be finished within a week, the legal limit for claiming on such things. It was also deemed by his clan that he was entirely at fault for not keeping a notably argumentative Vingan in line when he was in charge of a herd.

The Vingan later had an interesting question: Is it within custom to demand an apology for the bison?

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