RPG a Day 5 – Throne from Varanis’ perspective

I can’t let Berra have all the fun! Varanis here – resident archaeologist who has recently learned that her PC is “the face” of the party. I mean, I knew I was the one up front in many of our political situations, but hadn’t heard the phrase “the face” until last week. That might be a conversation for another day.

A set of throne-like chairs from Athens. (Source: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Three_stone_thrones_Dyonisos_Theater_Athens_Greece.jpg)

Of course, I wanted to include some archaeology in my post. Can’t help it. I chose this particular image for a few reasons. It first caught my attention because it was described as stone thrones. They aren’t thrones, really. They are theatre seating. But the set of three is interesting in the context of the RuneQuest campaign in which I play Varanis.

First, there’s the triad we’re currently attempting to arrange. We have two claimants to the throne of Sartar/Dragon Pass. Kallyr and Argrath. We are attempting to negotiate a marriage that includes both of them and the Feathered Horse Queen. The Luminous Stallion King is likely to play a role, but he’s a show piece, not an actual power.

Then there’s the odd triad that is Kallyr, Argrath, and Varanis. All descendants of Sartar and all followers of Orlanth Rex. Actually wait… I’m assuming that as a Khan, Argrath follows Orlanth Rex, but I don’t actually know that for sure, out of character. In character, Varanis assumes that is the case for sure.

Diadem from Ancient Greece. Gold and garnet. (Source: https://commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Greek_-Greek_Diadem-_Walters_571541.jpg)

Now, Varanis doesn’t want a crown, despite the suggestions of a few folks. She was even hailed as a queen recently, much to her consternation. The thing is, even if it was in character for Varanis to want a throne, I don’t want it for her. I wouldn’t want to role-play being a monarch – I get too much joy out of traipsing around Dragon Pass. If Varanis became a ruler, it would be time to retire her and roll up a new adventurer. What is fun, however, is trying to dodge other people’s political manoeuvrings and the occasional assassin! And because of this, I have forgiven my GM for surprising me with the whole blood of Sartar thing. 😛

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