Three for One

Today’s Very RuneQuest Moment took place instead of the plot…

The PCs had managed to piss off a bit of the Oak of Vengeance, which was held in a spear that was cut from the tree itself. It was attacking them, and when it went for Darlanth, his vingan friend Saren asked if she could roll Dodge to throw herself in the way. That’s a very Vingan thing, so I said yes, and it turns out that Saren makes great armour, because after it went through her leg, it only did enough damage to scratch him.

He still couldn’t make a grapple roll to catch it, though. So, from the floor, Saren cast Flight. She put six points into it, to try to catch the spear – I ruled that it would give her a +5 to her effective POW, because vingans being over the top is how to play.

“Well, I rolled triple zero, so that’s that!”, she said, with the widest smile in the last five minutes.

Then Darlanth finally got to grab the spear, and realised he was now in Spirit Combat, which he is… not optimised for. It was more of three very RuneQuest moments in a row than a single one, to be honest.

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