RPG a Day 30: Mention

It’s been a month. I’ve written something every day. Now it’s time to remind you of who we are and what we do.

Beer With Teeth are a roleplaying and writing collective who publish high quality sourcebooks and adventures on the Jonstown Compendium, and sometimes write work for consideration by Chaosium.

Our works are available for very little money, and they help to do things like keep this website going. The money pays the bills, helps buy medicine for cats, and buys us art assets and publishing software.

Please consider buying something from DriveThruRPG if you have found this writing useful or interesting. It means we can produce more. A lot of you are already our fans, and that’s really good of you. If you’ve never bought anything from us, then Rocks Fall is very simple and drops in anywhere, and is $3. Vinga’s Ford is $2.95, and fits best around the Colymar lands. Our bestselling sourcebook, The Dregs of Clearwine, is available as a Print on Demand softcover book, as well as a PDF.

And finally, Colour Your Own Trollkin is free, and always will be.

As well as that, you can help us by telling people how fantastic we are, and by bigging us up if you know us and like us. We sink or swim by word of mouth advertising, and you can make all the difference.

Day 30. Please mention us.

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