RPG a Day 16: Move

I’m not a big fan of tabletop RPGs that use miniatures. There are exceptions. One of my favourite computer game experiences ever is The Temple of Elemental Evil, in which the restricted movements of the PCs formed a sub-game for me, as I planned out who would go where, and what they would do. I really liked doing that for a whole team, maybe more than I liked the free movement (and ability to pause) of Baldur’s Gate. But in general, it doesn’t do it for me.

I don’t want to use Minis. I don’t need to know more than ‘is this character likely to be able to get there’ and for me, that’s a Scan or Battle Roll to notice the situation and a GM guess, ‘You’re going to take five strike ranks getting there.’ It’s all I really want.

If I had my way, Move wouldn’t be a thing in combat, but then again, I DO have my way. When I’m GMing, it very seldom is. So I guess you can keep it. I’ll do my own thing, you can do yours, but you should totally play through the Temple of Elemental Evil at least once in your life, if you have any interest at all in computer RPGs. It does most of the crunch for you, and that leaves you with the fun. Including the mini game of how to move things around.

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