Puzzling Behaviour

Today’s Very Gloranthan Moment:

The PCs were being paid to map the first part of the Puzzle Canal. Here are some quotes…

“We were supposed to come along here in a boat, weren’t we?” – Darlanth
“That would make sense given it’s called the Puzzle Canal…” – Saren

They went away, they came back with a boat…

“We’ve done a lot of mapping. I want to leave now.” – Darlanth

So they did. They left. They had to fight a single bit of Kraken Weed, and that was it, and sometimes it’s nice not to have to hit anything that’s trying to hit you back. They got paid and nothing went wrong.

But for those who want to run it in future, you may wish to mention to your adventurers that the puzzle canal is not in fact dried up. May. I decided not to. They were having such fun making plans.

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