Enlightment by Death

Yesterday’s very Runequesty experience was a Yelmalian doing the Hill of Gold. All was OK until the final round of combat against Zorak Zoran, who was already burning from the fire thrown at him, but had not realised it. The very last swing against the adventurer was a special, by a troll with a maul. His friends got splattered with bits of him. If you must die, die trying.

Today’s experience was a shamanic ritual inside a dragon’s skull, which woke its bones for long enough that they fell over on some nearby dragonewts, thus releasing them from their flesh and helping at least one to achieve the next level of understanding. For this, the group were thanked with advice that included ‘carve the eye on your skull before you heal’ and a free Crested Dragonewt with every failed Advice Roll.

The adventurers did manage to work out that when dragonewts were gathered to watch you, you might be doing inadvisable magic. This didn’t stop them.

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