Broken Tower Map

I recently ran the Broken Tower from the RuneQuest Quickstart, and I redrew the main area map to have something without spoilers to give to my players. It’s an SVG file with multiple layers, so you can reveal bits of the journey as you go. It’s got a trimmed version of the tower area without the key, for ease. You can screen-share, export at your chosen DPI, or just take a screenshot and paste it where it’s needed. I recommend Inkscape for viewing, but there are other, more expensive options.

I’m publishing these under the fan material policy (viewable here) because they were so useful to me. I’ve run the Broken Tower four or five times now, and this time there was no fumbling over explaining what was going on. It’s so much easier this way.

The font is Georgia, but it should fall back to a serif font if you don’t have that, and the file’s unlocked so you can make changes if you like.

Download by clicking here. Save it rather than opening it in your browser.

Original maps are by Simon Bray, © 2017 Chaosium Inc. The Quickstart is available from and the pdf is free.

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