Battle Report: Rocks Fall I

This is a two-part battle report on Rocks Fall from Peter W and his group, which we’re delighted to add here. We’re keeping you on a cliff-hanger because he kept us on a cliff-hanger because he sent us this as soon as it was done; at time of writing he’s just sent me the second half of the battle report, and that’s a humdinger. All the words below are his. I’ve italicised the lead-in, which we didn’t write, but there’s very little editing.

Yes, it’s spoilery for Rocks Fall.

After a troll raid on the Ernaldoring winter stores (that our Adventurers fought off) near Greenbrass and some raids on outlying Orlmarth steads near the Starfire Ridges, Chief Baranthos asked for volunteers to root out these Troll raiders. The Adventurers investigated one of the (now abandoned) steads at the edge of Nymie Vale near the Ridges and found evidence of Trolls. Making their camp there overnight the two Adventurers on watch both fell asleep (bless them!) and were woken by the next shift to find one of their horses missing. By the light of a Wildday full moon they followed the tracks through the snow (it’s Dark season) up into the hills and to the entrance of a cave.

The tension of dynamic lighting in Roll20 really added to their anxiety as they inched along the passageways with cave sounds running on the soundtrack. They crept up to Skull Turn, with one of them watching to the rear.

A battle map representation of a tactical situation in RuneQuest.  The party is advancing into a cave and they have not yet come across trouble.

Very shortly after they noticed the fissures in the cave ceiling above them and the lead Adventurers dashed underneath them. At this moment, two Trollkin dropped down, four warrior Trollkin advanced out of the gloom ahead of their front rank and two more rounded the corner from behind them, having shimmied down from above the Entrance passage.
We were out of time so have left it on that cliffhanger for next time.

A battle map representation of a tactical situation in RuneQuest.  The party is facing trolls from both sides in a narrow passageway, and there are trollkin in among the group.

I think that’s a really good set-up for the adventure, which can be just a matter of moving through the wilderness and getting your stuff stolen, but is made much deeper when the clan itself is in need, and there’s a reason that you’re being sent to deal with a problem. In particular, it’s good when you get sent out to deal with the problem, and the problem comes to you and steals your horse. Well played, that GM.

So anyhow, that left me wanting more, and as I’m a notably generous person I thought I would share my impatience with you by making you all wait to find out how these people dealt with That Problem.1Relger. The problem is ALWAYS Relger.

Rocks Fall is available from DriveThru RPG.

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    Relger. The problem is ALWAYS Relger.

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