Art for the Next Prax Scenario

Beer With Teeth are planning another Praxian adventure, which is mostly written to the point where we can playtest it, although we’re not yet ready to reveal it. I’ve been doing the incidental art – the little things that act as fillers. In this case, there’s a story we’re telling which is probably going to take decoration as a hand-out, so I’ve been drawing up the more important parts of the tale. Then when we give it to the players, it will look thematic. I might end up doing these in earth colours, or they might stay black and white – it really depends on what the handout looks like it needs.

Currently, the art is not really balanced among itself. Things like line thickness should be similar throughout, if possible, and I need to decide whether I use all of the bags, or just one, or have several with the same sort of pattern… All of this is up for discussion and exploration.

Mine won’t be the only art; Kris is better than I am at covers and NPC portraits, and so we’ll go to her shortly, but right now this is being written by Varanis and Berra.

Simple drawings of bags, a wildfile, an animal feeding its hyoung, and the Beast Rune in various permutations.

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