A Quick Adventure

Life is busy right now, so here’s an adventure based on some of the starting PCs. Last time I left out Vostor and had to write him in later, so this time, let’s start with him and centre what he’s doing. We know his family’s on the currently-losing side of the Tarsh civil war, so let’s give that some camera time. We don’t want to kill off the PCs, so let’s keep them out of Tarsh where Vostor can be supported.

Our other PCs are Vasana, Magos, and Yanioth. Magos doesn’t like Vostor’s Lunar side at *all* but respects their shared past, and anyhow, Storm Bulls don’t have to be violent, they just like to. This Magos uses Vostor as a reason to fight other people. You can use just about any group here, but a reason to fight on behalf of one of the other PCs is key.

Vostor needs to be in danger, which means moving him into a trap, but not one that he can’t be broken out of. It’s distressing to play a damsel who needs rescuing, so let’s pre-warn him. And he needs a reason why *he* is so important right now.

So, his brother disappeared recently. Vostor’s the younger sibling, and his enemies are trying to wipe out his family, and they think that he knows where the brother is. They are wrong, but that doesn’t matter. Word comes to Vostor that his brother is in town. It’s a forged note, but that’s beside the point. If he doesn’t take the bait, then they’ll send him some of his brother’s belongings, and tell him to be a good boy and come along.

Of course it’s a trap – if he’s wise he’ll get out of town. If he doesn’t get that it’s a trap, let’s throw in an old family retainer who has followed the assassins, to warn him. In fact, let’s throw him in anyhow, because that can always be the real target, if we need to make something interesting later.

The enemy doesn’t know that he’s got friends, and particularly not that one of them will fight anything. They tell him to come alone. (Again, here, we could use the retainer. And if he does go alone and gets captured or killed, then the retainer can go get the friends.)

It’s a pretty simple fight, and afterwards the Loyal Retainer can let Vostor know that the Lunar forces are after Loyal Retainer as well, and ask for help getting further away, and even try to persuade Vostor to leave as well.

At any point the group might well get out of town, possibly with Loyal Retainer – that just turns the attack on him into an ambush or a chase.

It’s pretty simple, but it’s very keyed to Vostor – or to any character fleeing a feud or a bad inter-clan relationship.

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