RPG a Day 3: Tactic

I’m going to drill down REALLY close here, in what could be a very wide field. My favourite tactic.

It’s shouting at people.

I play a Humakti, a warrior without peer, whose god gives her magical aid that multiplies her abilities beyond what anyone else can do… Except, of course, other Humakti. There are thousands of those, and while she’s good, she’s not VERY good. She’s better than most people, but RuneQuest is brutal, and you can always die to someone not as good as you, and you can always find someone better.

But one thing people don’t expect is this little short warrior to be up in their face, shouting at them. It confuses the hell out of people, and puts them on the defensive. Quite often it’s done in conjunction with the face of the party managing to shut her up and negotiate. Sometimes it’s done to give the face of the party time to think about the next thing to say. Sometimes it’s stress relief so that the Humakti doesn’t draw a weapon or just punch someone.

Warrior: favoured tactic, shouting at people until they stop being a problem.

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