Culbrea Sourcebook

In early January, three members of the Beer With Teeth crew handed in a sourcebook manuscript to Chaosium. So, here are some questions and answers about that, because it’s not every day we can say it.

What’s it about?

It’s a full-length book on the Culbrea tribe, one of the founding tribes of Jonstown. There’s much more detail on the tribe than could be fitted into the Starter Set. It’s got a lot of information that will be helpful to players, and then three adventures and some suggested RP arcs for gamemasters.

Is it only for gamemasters?

Hell no. It’s a sourcebook that tells you what’s in the area, has enough detail in for players to start, and enough plot hooks and minor encounters for an entire campaign. Once the GM’s used those, all of the book is useful, and most of it can be used by players as well. The Culbrea are just outside Jonstown and we want you to be able to use them.

Who wrote it?

The three main writing crew of Beer With Teeth. That’s Varanis, Berra, and Rajar. Or, in our other personas, McGuire, Probst, and Twist. Finarvi – Kris – is a valued member of the crew, but she does art and ideas and sanity checks, so she sat aside for this one.

When’s it coming out?

That’s not something we have access to – it needs to be reviewed internally, then there’s art direction, art, and layout. The RuneQuest team is not huge, so these things happen in a queue, and we don’t know where in the queue it is, but we do know there are some other awesome things there. We’d imagine ‘somewhere between one year and two’ but we really don’t know.

I have another question…

Cool. Put it in the comments below, if you want it kept for posterity. For everything else, there’s Facebook.

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